Terms & Conditions of Business

Acceptance of our services is deemed to denote acceptance of our Terms and Conditions and an agreement to pay our fees on completion of the house & pet sitting period.

We reserve the right to either impose supplementary charges and/or terminate this agreement if the assignment changes from the description given by the client and needs more time or responsibility or if there is a change in the nature of the assignment which could have not reasonably foreseen by either party. A3 House & Pet Sitting reserves the right to cancel any booking whereby the agreed arrangement has been changed by the client without prior discussion or consultation over a prolonged period.

1. Payment & Cancellations

The Client is responsible for paying the pet sitters remuneration on completion of the contract immediately on receipt of the pet sitter’s invoice.

In the event of cancellations which are notified to us earlier than 14 days prior to the start of the booking period, there will be no monetary consequence. However, cancellation under 14 days prior to the booking period will result in full charges for the booked period minus the fuel fee.

In the event that the pet sitter does not have sole control (ignoring cleaners or gardeners) during the Contract then the pet sitter will be entitled to make a small extra daily charge (details on request). In these circumstances the pet sitter will not be responsible for any breaches of security.

2. Privacy

All CCTV cameras must be fully disclosed to your house & pet sitter.

3. Visitors

The client will inform the house and pet sitter if anyone else is expected to be coming to the property during the clients absence, i.e. friend, relative, workmen and whether or not they have their own key.

4. Detail

Include details of any medications or special treatment that each animal requires.

Please ensure, where required, that all animals are up to date with their vaccinations, worm treatment and flea/tick prevention. Give details of how you would like each animal to be managed on a daily basis. The client should include details of any medications or special treatment that each animal requires. If any of this information is not agreed prior to the house sit, the client will remain responsible.

5. Costs

The Homeowner will agree to pay or reimburse the Sitter for:

All animal costs paid by the Sitter in their care, all costs of emergency repairs or pre-arranged routine maintenance of the premises. Any reasonable costs that the Sitter has incurred for making repairs to the premises as long as: the Sitter gives the Homeowner, or their nominated contact, opportunity to access and to make repairs or the Sitter makes a reasonable attempt to have engaged a tradesperson to make the repairs.

The Sitter must provide receipts for any costs incurred and the client is responsible to make arrangements for the payment for any services provided by a qualified veterinarian in the treatment and care of the Homeowner’s animals.

6. General

It is the clients responsibility for the following:

  1. To inform the Vet of the dates the House-sitter will be responsible for the pets.
  2. To give full details of all pets requiring care during the assignment, especially if any animal is unable to be left alone for any period of time.
  3. To provide premises reasonably clean and fit to live in.
  4. To provide the Sitter with a set of keys for the premises. A spare set of keys may be left with a neighbour/local contact if required.
  5. To the use of the house telephone being used in an emergency by the Sitter for care of the animal/s or the Sitter his/her self.
  6. That the Sitter may be granted Internet access through the house broadband facilities. This topic will be discussed during the set-up visit.

7. Liability

We will not be liable for any damage or injury caused by your dog excepting that of proven Third Party.

Whilst we are not cleaners we will endeavour to keep areas clean and tidy.

We cannot be held liable for any theft or damage to your property or injury/illness to your pets unless we can be shown to be negligent.

We reserve the right to deny or terminate service because of safety or financial concerns.

Extreme weather conditions may mean a curtailment or cancellation of our services at short notice, (we will keep you updated & arrive as soon as possible).

We reserve the right to stop walking a dog if he shows aggression to people or other dogs.



Please let your neighbours, friend and family know that you have a Sitter moving into your home to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Security systems

If you have an alarm system you may need to make arrangements with the security company for a code and password specifically for your Sitter to use. Keys for windows locks should be left with your Sitter.

Contact information

Please leave contact information so your Sitter can stay in touch while you’re away. Including flight details.

Emergency contact

You may want to ask someone such as a friend, neighbour or relative etc to act as a nominated contact person for your Sitter to liaise with your absence

Spare keys

Leave a set of spare keys with your nominated contact person or your Sitter.

Rubbish collection & recycling services

Make a note of which days your rubbish and recycling is collected.

Animal documentation

All of your animal’s records should be put together in a folder for your Sitter’s easy access. These records could include:

Animal supplies

Please stock up on enough supplies for your animals while you are away. These supplies could include the following:

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